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Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET
Course 2389: 3 days; Instructor-led

This course will teach developers to build data-centric applications and Web services with Microsoft ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Course Objectives

After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe data-centric applications, ADO.NET architecture, and ADO.NET and XML.
  • Connect to SQL Server and other data sources.
  • Perform connected database operations including executing SELECT commands, database definition commands, dynamic SQL commands, and commands that return data from a SQL Server database in XML.
  • Build a DataSet schema, populate it with data, and modify the data programmatically.
  • Build a DataSet from an existing data source.
  • Use XML techniques while working with DataSets, including mapping tables and columns, creating XSD schemas, building strongly typed DataSets, and interacting with XMLDataDocuments.
  • Build a Web service that uses ADO.NET to query and update a data source.
  • Troubleshoot errors within an ADO.NET application.

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Microsoft Certified Professional Exams

This course will help the student prepare for the following Microsoft Certified Professional exams:

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The course assumes that students have the following skills:

  • Understanding of relational database concepts: table, row, column, primary keys, foreign keys, constraints, and views
  • Data query and modification experience, including experience with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands
  • Exposure to XML documents, style sheets, and schemas
  • Experience with Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic for Applications, or previous versions of Visual Basic
  • Experience building user interfaces, including Web applications or Microsoft Windows® applications

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Course Outline

Module 1: Data-Centric Applications and ADO.NET
  • Design of Data-Centric Applications
  • ADO.NET Architecture
  • ADO.NET and XML
Module 2: Connecting to Data Sources
  • Choosing a .NET Data Provider
  • Defining a Connection
  • Managing a Connection
  • Handling Connection Exceptions
  • Connection Pooling
Module 3: Performing Connected Database Operations
  • Working in a Connected Environment
  • Building Command Objects
  • Executing Commands That Return a Single Value
  • Executing Commands That Return Rows
  • Executing Commands That Do Not Return Rows
  • Using Transactions
Module 4: Building DataSets
  • Working in a Disconnected Environment
  • Building DataSets and DataTables
  • Binding and Saving a DataSet
  • Defining Data Relationships
  • Modifying Data in a DataTable
  • Sorting and Filtering
Module 5: Reading and Writing XML with ADO.NET
  • Creating XSD Schemas
  • Loading Schemas and Data into DataSets
  • Writing XML from a DataSet
Module 6: Building DataSets from Existing Data Sources
  • Configuring a DataAdapter to Retrieve Information
  • Populating a DataSet Using a DataAdapter
  • Configuring a DataAdapter to Update the Underlying Data Source
  • Persisting Changes to a Data Source
  • How to Handle Conflicts
Module 7: Building and Consuming a Web Service That Uses ADO.NET
  • Building and Consuming a Web Service That Returns Data


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