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Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

Course 2274: 5 days; Instructor-led


This instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage accounts and resources in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment. The course is intended for systems administrator and systems engineer candidates who are responsible for managing accounts and resources. These tasks include managing user, computer, and group accounts; managing access to network resources; managing printers; managing an organizational unit in a network based on Active Directory® directory service; and implementing Group Policy to manage users and computers.

This is the first course in the Systems Administrator and Systems Engineer tracks for Windows Server 2003 and serves as the entry point for other courses in the Windows Server 2003 curriculum.

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Course Objectives

After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Create and populate organizational units with user and computer accounts.
  • Manage user and computer accounts.
  • Create and manage groups.
  • Manage access to resources.
  • Implement printing.
  • Manage printing.
  • Manage access to objects in using organizational units.
  • Implement Group Policy.
  • Manage the user and computer environment by using Group Policy.
  • Audit accounts and resources.

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Microsoft Certified Professional Exams

This course will help the student prepare for the following Microsoft Certified Professional exam:

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  • Before attending this course, students must have:

    • A+ certification, or equivalent knowledge and skills.
    • Network+ certification, or equivalent knowledge and skills.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Administering Accounts and Resources

This module explains how to administer accounts and resources on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software in a networked environment.

  • Introduction to Administering Accounts and Resources
  • The Windows Server 2003 Family
  • Logging on to Windows Server 2003
  • Installing and Configuring Administrative Tools
  • Creating User Accounts
  • Creating Computer Accounts
  • Creating an Organizational Unit
Module 2: Managing User and Computer Accounts

This module explains how to modify user and computer accounts on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 in a networked environment.

  • Modifying Users and Computer Account Properties
  • Enabling and Unlocking User and Computer Accounts
  • Creating a User Account Template
  • Locating User and Computer Accounts in Active Directory
  • Saving Queries
  • Resetting User and Computer Accounts
  • Moving Domain Objects
Module 3: Managing Groups

This module explains how to perform various administrative functions using groups.

  • Creating Groups
  • Managing Group Membership
  • Strategies for Using Groups
  • Modifying Groups
  • Using Default Groups
  • Best Practices for Managing Groups
Module 4: Managing Access to Resources

This module explains how to enable resource access with permissions, manage access to files and folders using permissions, and manage permission inheritance.

  • Overview of Managing Access to Resources
  • Managing Access to Shared Folders
  • Managing Access to Files and Folders Using NTFS Permissions
  • Determining Effective Permissions
  • Managing Access to Shared Files Using Offline Caching
Module 5: Implementing Printing

This module explains how to implement printing in a Windows Server 2003 environment.

  • Introduction to Printing in the Windows Server 2003 Family
  • Installing and Sharing Printers
  • Managing Access to Printers Using Shared Printer Permissions
  • Managing Printer Drivers
  • Implementing Printer Locations
Module 6: Managing Printing

This module explains how to set up a network-wide printing strategy to meet the needs of users and troubleshoot installation or configuration problems.

  • Changing the Location of the Print Spooler
  • Setting Printer Priorities
  • Scheduling Printer Availability
  • Configuring a Printing Pool
Module 7: Managing Access to Objects in Organizational Units

This module explains the permissions available for managing access to Active Directory objects, how to move objects between organizational units in the same domain, and how to delegate control of an organizational unit.

  • The Role of the Organizational Unit
  • Modifying Permissions for Active Directory Objects
  • Delegating Control of Organizational Units
Module 8: Implementing Group Policy

This module explains the purpose and function of Group Policy in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment. It also explains how to implement Group Policy objects (GPOs) and manage GPOs.

  • Implementing Group Policy Objects
  • Implementing Group Policy Objects on a Domain
  • Managing the Deployment of Group Policy
Module 9: Managing the User Environment by Using Group Policy

This module explains how to use Group Policy to configure Folder Redirection, Microsoft Internet Explorer connectivity, and the desktop.

  • Configuring Group Policy Settings
  • Assigning Scripts with Group Policy
  • Configuring Folder Redirection
  • Determining Applied GPOs
Module 10: Implementing Administrative Templates and Audit Policy

This module explains how to manage security in an Active Directory domain and how to audit events to ensure the effectiveness of a security strategy.

  • Overview of Security in Windows Server 2003
  • Using Security Templates to Secure Computers
  • Testing Computer Security Policy
  • Configuring Auditing
  • Managing Security Logs


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