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The Cisco WLAN Intensive is targeted to technical engineers that will be designing and installing wireless LANs. This class will provide both instructor-led training and hands-on lab. This class is designed to give the attendee knowledge on the Cisco Aironet wireless LAN product set.


This course is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the Cisco certification exam #9E0-581 to become a Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist.

Course schedule

Duration: 4 days
To view the schedule for this class, click here.

Who should attend

The course is targeted to technical engineers that will be designing and installing wireless LANs.


A valid CCNA certification or equivalent experience.

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Prepare the student for subsequent WLAN (Wireless LAN) courses
  • State basic RF and Antenna theory
  • Identify and define Cisco WLAN product offerings
  • Propose best Cisco WLAN Solution
  • Demonstrate knowledge of WLAN Fundamentals
  • Participate in pre-sales activity
  • Install WLAN Client adapters, drivers, associated utilities
  • Configure client adapter and access point
  • Demonstrate WLAN functionality
  • Troubleshoot driver

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Cisco Wireless
    • Wireless Data Networks
    • WLAN Evolution
    • Cisco Wireless Advantages
  • Radio Frequency Spread Spectrum Technology
    • ISM Unlicensed Frequencies
    • Spread Spectrum RF Technology
    • 802.11b Modulation
    • 802.11a Modulation
    • 802.11 Authentication
    • Multipath
  • Wireless LAN Topologies
    • WLAN Topology
    • Enterprise Topologies, Channel Reuse and Multi-Rate Shifting
    • Inline Power
    • Cisco Aironet Access Point VLAN Feature
    • Cisco Aironet Access Point Quality of Service Feature
    • Cisco Aironet Access Point Proxy Mobile IP
    • Cisco Aironet Structured Wireless Aware Network (SWAN)
  • Wireless Bridging
    • Wireless Bridge Alternatives
    • Role in Radio Network
    • Installation Considerations
    • Path Loss Consideration
    • Common Questions and Misconceptions
  • Antenna Concepts
    • FCC Standards
    • General Antenna Concepts
    • Antenna Gain
    • Antenna Design
    • Cisco Aironet Antennas
    • Cisco Aironet 1100 Series Access Point
  • Aironet Client Utility and Drivers
    • Supported Operating Systems
    • PC Card LEDs
    • Aironet Client Utility
  • Access Point and Bridge Basic Configuration
    • Access Point LEDs
    • Connecting to the Access Point
    • Setup of Network Ports
    • Statistics
    • Setup of Association Parameters and Features
    • Cisco Service
    • Firmware Upgrade and Distribution
    • System Management
    • SNMP Setup
    • Filtering
    • VLAN Configuration
  • Security
    • Basic Security Features
    • 802.11 Security
    • Configuring the Access Point for WEP
    • Configuring the Client for WEP
    • Problems with 802.11 WEP Security
    • Security Suite
    • WLAN Attacks
    • Configuring the Access Point for Authentication
    • Configuring the Client for Authentication
    • Configuring Non-Root Devices for Authentication


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