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Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) is part of the recommended training path for those who seek the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification, focuses on Cisco routers that are connected in LANs and WANs, and typically found at a medium to large network sites.

BSCI instructs network administrators of medium-to-large network sites on the use of advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalability for Cisco routers connected to LANs and WANs. When the course is completed, participants will be able to select and implement the appropriate Cisco IOST services to build a scalable, routed network.

This course will prepare participants to successfully pass the Cisco certification exam #642-801 Routing . After passing Exams #642-801, -811, -821, and -831, participants will receive the CCNP certification


Course schedule

Duration: 5 days
To view the schedule for this class, click here.

Who should attend

This course is valuable for engineers and IT professionals who are, or will be, directly involved in configuring, implementing, administering, or troubleshooting router-based internetworks.


Candidates must have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Commonly used networking terms and topologies
  • The basic functions of a network protocol
  • Fundamental network device roles (for example, hub, bridge, router, and switch)
  • The Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model
  • The use of Windows 95/NT to run multiple applications
  • Accessing the Internet or an intranet
  • Binary and hexadecimal numbering

Note: These topics are covered in the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) course.

Course Outline
  • Advanced IP addressing
  • Routing principles
  • Configuring the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • Configuring the Open Shortest Path First Protocol
  • Configuring the Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System Protocol
  • Manipulating routing updates
  • Configuring basic Border Gateway Protocol
  • Implementing BGP in scalable internetworks


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